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Burlap Easter Carrot

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner! We just had spring break and we even started going outside for gym! They have even started SBO elections for next year. It’s sad I have been workin on all our Easter decor and here’s one of my latest DIYs. What You Need: ~ Orange burlap […]

Spring Wreath

I hope everyone is enjoying their last term of the school year! I’m looking forward to summer and the big move to junior high! I was bored over spring break so I made a wreath. I know, the averge sixth grader does not do that. I all ready had everything so it was easy to […]

Ultimate Winter Snow Fort

My dad saw this fancy word in a wilderness survival book. The word is QUINZEE. It is an Indian name for a snow mound hut. You dig a hole and tunnel through a big mound of snow. This was so much easier than the igloo hut I built with friends last year. I have spent […]

Zebra Pumpkin!

Zebra+Pumpkins= Awesomeness!!! My family grew all sorts of crazy pumpkins this year and among them were white ones. I had this wonderful idea to make a zebra one, which is totally awesomeness, so, using Scotch Tape, I made stripes all over the pumpkin similar to the strips on a zebra then painted it with black […]

Brownies in the BBQ

To make the brownies you will need: Brownie mix (I used a Duncan Hines 18.2 oz) BBQ Dutch oven 10 inch lightly greased Our BBQ has a temperature prob on the outside so I could see the temperature and control the heat. I kept it about 325 degrees because my mom was worried they might […]

Giant Pumpkin…guess my weight

We grew a giant pumpkin this year and its our biggest one yet. We have grown them a few times but never this big. They are atlantic giant variety and the seeds are from a guy who has grown record winning pumpkins several times. His name is Andrew Israelsen and he is the president of […]

Totem Poles

These were in a recent Family Fun. I thought it would be a way cool yard decoration. I had everything at home to make these so I didn’t have to spend any $. It just took some time to collect big cans and scrape the labels off. what you need : -cans, large #10 work […]

Little Free Library

The cutest thing has shown up at a park in our neighborhood. It is a mini little library that looks like a house. Isn’t it super cute: It is full of books you can take home and bring back or just read and return while you are at the park. My little brother and sister […]