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Report Card Rewards

Just a reminder that if you take your report card to Krispy Kreme they will give you 1/2 dozen doughnuts free, one for each A up to six doughnuts. Here is a picture of the sign they had in their store window when I went.

In-N-Out Secret Scriptures!

The other day someone(that someone was Fran) was telling me that In-N-Out had scriptures on their containers and a secret menu. Rumor confirmed! They do have scriptures on their fry,burger, milk shake, and drink containers. I think it’s cool that they were willing advertise their religion like that! I mean would you do that? The […]

Little Free Library

The cutest thing has shown up at a park in our neighborhood. It is a mini little library that looks like a house. Isn’t it super cute: It is full of books you can take home and bring back or just read and return while you are at the park. My little brother and sister […]

Brigham City Temple Tour-Fun Facts Sheet

My aunt got a private tour of the new temple with a church historian before it opened to the public. She took really good notes and shared them with us so we knew stories and things to look for as we went through the open house. It’s a silent tour so it is nice to […]

Sweets candy company factory tour

Sweets Candy Factory is the best tour I have ever been on! ( I’ve been 3 times) You get to go through pretty much all the factory. It’s way better then Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates where you don’t even get to go in the factory. It’s so fun to see where they make the jelly beans, […]

Geek squad next week

Best Buy Geek Squad employees teach classes all over the country each summer to kids ages 9-14. They are in Salt Lake City, Utah next week and I am so excited to go be a “geek” for two days. They teach classes in PC building, programming, digital music, digital photography and gaming. I only had […]

Brigham City Temple Open House

The Brigham City Temple open house is almost here! It runs August 18-September 15. They are holding a Cultural Celebration at Box Elder High school commemorating the heritage of Brigham City. You can reserve tickets to see the temple here You don’t have to be a member of the LDS church to go and the […]

Summer Bucket List

From: Family Fun Everyone needs something to organize their summer bucket list. All you need is a cute bucket, ribbon, clothes pins, and Sharpies. You can buy buckets at all most any store, especially Target or the Dollar Store. You write places you want to visit or things you want to make sure you do […]