Giant Pumpkin…guess my weight

We grew a giant pumpkin this year and its our biggest one yet. We have grown them a few times but never this big. They are atlantic giant variety and the seeds are from a guy who has grown record winning pumpkins several times. His name is Andrew Israelsen and he is the president of the Utah Pumpkin Growers Association. We took a class from him in Salt Lake City and he gave us each a seed to take home. The seeds were from his pumpkin the year before that weighed 1097 pounds. The seeds are very valuable from the record winners because of their “greatness” or giant genetics. Here are some pictures of our biggest pumpkin. Take a look and make a guess in my comment section on how much you think it weighs. I will announce the weight around the 25th of October. If any of you want a seed let me know too.





Check out the video below. There is a pumpkin drop at a local corn maze. You donate your giant pumpkin and they give you a family pass to their farm activities. Then they lift the pumpkin with a crane a drop it onto cars or old furniture to see what damage they can do. There is also a pumpkin regatta in Utah on October 20th at 12pm at Sugar House Pond. You carve the side off your pumpkin and use it like a canoe. You race against fellow giant pumpkin growers. I can’t decide if I want to destroy my pumpkin before Halloween. I was thinking about carving out my pumpkin so i could hide inside of it on Halloween to scare people. Watch the regatta and smashing videos here. They are hilarious! video link


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