Manicure in a Jar

Manicure in a Jar

Every time I get invited to some ones birthday party I always have to go through this huge process of “what do I give them” and “is it personal” and ” Is it going to be one of my most amazing gifts ever?!?” And of course, ” will they even like it!” Eventually, after a lot of time on Pinterest and lots of consulting with my amazing mom, I always seem to come up with something that I think is just amazing! But, it’s quite the process.
So when I got invited to this party for one of my best friends you can imagine how much thought and effort went into the gift. Here is what I came up with: A Manicure in a Jar! And of course the wrapping just had to be amazing too! So I painted a plain brown gift bag with pink polka dots and used pink chevron tissue paper to go with it. I was pretty proud at how it turned out. It’s a neutral gift that you could use for lots of things like a teacher appreciation gift. You could also alter it to fit there personality.
The Jar:
I used a quart canning jar with a silver lid, but even an old Rague jar would work. I put matching tissue paper with the wrapping and put these things in it:

  • 3 fun colored/ basic nail polishes
  • nail clippers
  • some nail files
  • 4 individually packaged nail polish remover pads from Walgreens
  • mini bottles of glitter for glitter nails
  • sparkly foam toe/ finger separators (I have no idea what you call them)
  • And of course chocolate!It was around Easter so I put in a egg shaped Milky Way. It’s my friends favorite candy. I would have put more but there wasn’t room.

Most of this you can find in a trip to Target or Walgreens. It cost under $10, so its pretty budget savvy, though you could make it more expensive, depending on what you choose to but in it. So I arranged it all pretty in the jar and screwed the lid on. Then I made this cute little label and glued it on some pink ribbon. (get the label here)
I then painted the bag (get the tutorial here) and wrapped it all up! It was a really striking gift that my friend loved and everyone thought it was amazing. I think homemade gifts are way more


  1. omg this is such a cute idea!
    today is my brothers b-day and I will see him on friday. any idea for a 16 year old boy? haha


    1. Totally! Nike socks, Cheetos and a gift card! Ha ha! :)


  2. Benedetta crafty · · Reply

    This is a brilliant idea. Put things that she may like all in a jar! She will be excited when she goes through all the goodies.



  3. Amelia · · Reply

    what a fantastic idea! Absolutely love it!


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