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These are my new favorite things! I had to reach a big AR reading goal at school and listening to books counts. I can listen to them anywhere I go when reading just wouldn’t work. I have been listening to Percy Jackson for 2 days and I am more than half way through the book! […]

“Mark My Time” Bookmark

My mom gave me this book mark for Christmas a few years ago and I love it! You can count up, down and there’s a clock to keep track of your reading minuets for school. You can use it to time your piano practicing too. My timer has lasted so long and I rarely have […]

Good Summer Reads

I love to read and I love summer because I have more time to read. My cousin Matthew, who is my age, is a big reader. He was reading this book the other day when I stopped by: It is called “The Name of This Book Is” by Pseudonymous Bosch. It is a mystery book […]