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Paper Snowballs

This idea started because of an accident. My mom bought this huge box of snow cone cups, or at least she thought they were. She got them out for me before a swim party I was having in our backyard, the cups were tiny. They were the kind of paper cone cups hooked on water […]

Hot Glue Snowman Ornament

Every week until Christmas I will be posting different Christmas Tree ornament ideas! Be sure to check back regularly to see the newest pattern! This is one of those uses for hot glue that isn’t glueing. These were so easy to make and are so fun hanging on our tree. The light shines through them. […]

Bead Buddie Keychains

This is a guest post by my little sister. She loves making these. Hi! My name is Morgen. Why I love making these is because the animals are so cute and they are fun to hook on your backpack. To make them you need: Cording Craft Beads Keychain Pattern Here is the web site where […]

Free chick-fil-a

Hope you all made it to chick-fil-a yesterday. As always, it was a blast. My cousins and I laugh like crazy as we dress up in the parking lot. There was only one customer in the whole resturant without a costume. He looked really out of place. One little boy came without his shirt and […]

Sticker Book For Collecting & Trading

So you go to the dentist, what do you get? A sticker. You go to the store, what do you get? A sticker. These are a great spot to put those stickers you get literally every where and put them to a good use. Sticker book trading is SO much fun and I hope you […]

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