Vintage Button Necklace

Vintage Button Necklace: GroovyglueThis is officially my new favorite necklace! I love it so much! It’s classy and it matches with about anything. You can jazz up any outfit from a plain old to something amazing! And it was easy to make. (That’s always important.)
A few months ago I saw similar ideas to this on Pinterest. The only problem was I couldn’t find antique/ vintage looking buttons! I thought about the DI put that didn’t work out to well. I kind of came to a dead end until I was ordering from the Ribbon Retreat and found a pack of way cool one for $3.99. You can get some here
Besides the buttons everything else is easy to find. I used black felt and a brown chain I found at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars and you can use a 40% off!  Sorry my picture is bad. (my phone camera is no the same as my DSLR for sure) :(


So, first you have to decide how our are going to lay out your buttons.
Then you cut the backs off the buttons. Or at least I had to do this for mine. Mine were also plastic so it could just use scissors.
Cut out a piece of felt that is close to the size of the shape the buttons you laid out. heat up your handy dandy glue gun and and glue the buttons on to the felt. Once all your buttons are all on, you can add the chain. I used the hoops that were all ready on the end and just looped them through the felt in between the buttons.


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