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Vintage Button Necklace

This is officially my new favorite necklace! I love it so much! It’s classy and it matches with about anything. You can jazz up any outfit from a plain old to something amazing! And it was easy to make. (That’s always important.) A few months ago I saw similar ideas to this on Pinterest. The […]

Burlap Easter Carrot

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner! We just had spring break and we even started going outside for gym! They have even started SBO elections for next year. It’s sad I have been workin on all our Easter decor and here’s one of my latest DIYs. What You Need: ~ Orange burlap […]

DIY Earring Tree

Sorry about the lack of posting. My life has been so busy with the end of summer, the county fair (where I sold my sheep. I counted and I made a total of 11 trips to the fair with feeding Wooley, volunteering, the rodeo, it was crazy!) and school starting as a new seventh grader, […]

Glitter Button Earrings

I love glitter. I will just say that now. I was at my friends house and her mom said,”You guys are always talking about crazy new ideas, then someone always shouts”Lets add glitter!” It’s true. Everything’s better with glitter. I came up with this when I was making a magnets for a birthday gift. What […]

Recycled 4th of July Vase

The 4th of July is right around the corner! I had this glass bottle left over from some sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe’s and I had to find a use! You can also use this same method to tint glass jars. First I taped off where I wanted the colored area,then I mixed food coloring […]

Spring Wreath

I hope everyone is enjoying their last term of the school year! I’m looking forward to summer and the big move to junior high! I was bored over spring break so I made a wreath. I know, the averge sixth grader does not do that. I all ready had everything so it was easy to […]

DIY Eraser Stamps

The picture says it all. Get an eraser, draw a shape on it, cut around it with an knife(don’t cut your self!), cut the remaining eraser off around the shape, color with a marker or stamp pad and you have a homemade stamp! I made a mustache, I ❤ U, and a heart. 👇Please share! […]