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Valentines Printable

I’m so excited for valentines day! We are selling candy grams at school this week and its so fun to deliver them and know everyone’s gossip! ;) I have been crafting away to get ready for Valentines on Friday. I have tons of new ideas and printables! Here’s my latest piece of art that looks […]

Travel Sized Paper City

I love Paris and I love free printables…. SO I had to print these! Anything French is in right now. I think my “Frenchy” friend Fran will really like these. I printed these out on white card stock, cut them out and put them into an Altoids tin to take to school to show my […]

Free Strips of Paper Printable

Everyone who has seen this hanging in my kitchen has laughed so hard! I mean how often do you see a sign advertising free strip of paper!? Get it here. Please share on Pinterest and Facebook! P.S. If someone hangs this on a bulletin board send me a pic. 🌸

Free Mustache Printables

I created these printables because I love mustaches! I love anything that has mustaches on it! They are so awesome!!!! I even bought ribbon that has mustaches all over it. These would be so cute to frame, wall art, your home screen, or anywhere else! Please share on Pinterest and Facebook! I love mustaches Respect […]