Brownies in the BBQ


To make the brownies you will need:
Brownie mix (I used a Duncan Hines 18.2 oz)
Dutch oven 10 inch lightly greased

Our BBQ has a temperature prob on the outside so I could see the temperature and control the heat. I kept it about 325 degrees because my mom was worried they might burn. Next time I am going to try 350-375 and try to speed things up. I don’t think you need a temperature gauge. Just keep the dials at medium and don’t let the flame touch the bottom of the Dutch oven.

Make the brownie mix just like it says. Mine called for 1/3 cup oil, 1/3 cup water and 1 egg. Pour into cold Dutch Oven. Place lid on Dutch Oven and place on one side of BBQ. I had the both burners on our grill on high to get it hot. I turned the side off that I put the Dutch oven on so there was no direct heat below it. I turned the other side to medium high. I checked my brownies at 30 min and they were not done. I turned the burner up to high and cooked 5 more minutes.

These brownies were so good. I was glad I didn’t line the Dutch oven with foil. The Dutch Oven gave the brownies a such a yummy flavor.


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  1. Brownies on the grill….who’d have thought it!


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