Ultimate Winter Snow Fort


My dad saw this fancy word in a wilderness survival book. The word is QUINZEE. It is an Indian name for a snow mound hut. You dig a hole and tunnel through a big mound of snow. This was so much easier than the igloo hut I built with friends last year. I have spent hours building up walls for igloos.
There was 2 feet of snow on our lawn. A couple kids and my parents all stood around in a big circle in the snow and shoveled snow in towards the center to make a big pile. We packed the mound with the back of our shovels. Once it was opening enough we stared tunneling through. We made our door on the west side to avoid the wind.
If you have snow plows come by your street, they leave huge piles on the corners that work great and it saves you all the effort of having to build up a mound. You could get someone to use a snow blower to throw lots of snow into one spot for you too.

The one we built fit my dad completely or two kids at a time could get in. We used garden and snow shovels to dig the hole and tunnel it out. This is something that a few kids can work on together at the same time.


There are some instructions below to help give you an idea. Using sticks is helpful to measure and mark the depth so you don’t shovel a hole in the ceiling.

Here is a look At the inside. It is so hard to get a good pictures. One bad thing is that as the weather warms up the whole thing shrinks in making it melt into its self.


We built one in the front yard on a day it snowed so much school got cancelled. My mom had the idea to order pizza and have it delivered to the snow hut. Nothing better than hot pizza eaten in a quinzee.



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