Burlap Easter Carrot

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner! We just had spring break and we even started going outside for gym! They have even started SBO elections for next year. It’s sad I have been workin on all our Easter decor and here’s one of my latest DIYs.
What You Need:
~ Orange burlap cut in 2-21/2 inch wide strips
~ Green tulle
~ Foam Board
~ Orange Ribbon
~ And of coarse, Hot Glue!
Start by tracing a carrot shape on your foam board and cutting it out. Mine ended up about 15 inches from the tip to the top. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. ‘Cause mine sure isn’t.

Next, start covering it with burlap. I folded the burlap over the top to cover it and glued it, then started twisting it around the foam. When I got to the bottom I glued it to the back.
Once the burlap was on, I started on the carrot leaf part. Just loop strips around your hand and glue them on. I did a smaller one then two big ones, so I used 3 strips total.
Then you can glue your ribbon or what ever you wanted to hang it with. I had about a 8 inch piece of ribbon that I used on mine. I wanted it to be some what short so it wouldn’t flap around on my front door. Then I put a 3M hook with command strips on my door to hang it from. At my house, when the wind blows, it blows! So I also decided to slap a piece of tape on there too. It has stayed up so far!
You could also make mini versions of these of other fun projects. The possibilities are endless!

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