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Watermelon Slush

 Any thing to help with the heat right now is amazing! Summer has just turned into the stay in the pool or the basement kinda days. And watermelon is very abundant. So this fits great and it is delishious! Watermelon is had to get just perfect, and even then if you dont hurry to eat […]


These are my new favorite things! I had to reach a big AR reading goal at school and listening to books counts. I can listen to them anywhere I go when reading just wouldn’t work. I have been listening to Percy Jackson for 2 days and I am more than half way through the book! […]

Mail In A Bottle

I am so excited about this! I can’t believe it really worked!  Mail in a bottle…. It was amazingly easy and so fun. It looked like one of those bottles you see in movies that wash up on the shore with a secret pirate treasure map inside. This would be fun to mail to a […]

Ha Ha!

I was with a bunch of friends the other day and past this door. Really they could have just put do not enter. Was it really necessary to do that? I sure wouldn’t have come up with that. 

Free Strips of Paper Printable

Everyone who has seen this hanging in my kitchen has laughed so hard! I mean how often do you see a sign advertising free strip of paper!? Get it here. Please share on Pinterest and Facebook! P.S. If someone hangs this on a bulletin board send me a pic. 🌸

In-N-Out Secret Scriptures!

The other day someone(that someone was Fran) was telling me that In-N-Out had scriptures on their containers and a secret menu. Rumor confirmed! They do have scriptures on their fry,burger, milk shake, and drink containers. I think it’s cool that they were willing advertise their religion like that! I mean would you do that? The […]

Magic Purple Paper

I showed you how to make magic cabbage juice in this post. This magic paper is something we did with our leftover cabbage juice the next day. Remember how cabbage has a special pigment called anthocyanin that changes color when an acid or base is mixed in with it. Well I soaked acid free, white […]

Magic Purple Cabbage Juice

Cool. That’s all I can say. Purple cabbage has a pigment that changes color when a base or acid is mixed with it. Bases and acids are opposites on the ph scale going from 0 (base) 14 (acid) Bases are milk soap, soda. Acids are lemon juice and vinegar. Water is neutral at ph7. The […]