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Twisted Flower Headbands

What You Need 1-2 inch wide strip of fabric Felt Hot glue Clip or headband to put it on (Optional) Netting, feathers, or frilly stuff to put on the back of it Tie a knot at the top of the strip. If you are using a 2 inch piece you can fold it in half […]

Dress into skirt

Beginner sewing project I love recycling clothes. The fancy term is “refashioning”. I think that this is a great project for girls who are just learning to sew. It is cheap and fast. Your mom might even have old dresses in her closet that you could cut the tops off and make skirts for free. […]

DIY Fringe Scarfs

I totally love this scarf! The original idea on Pintrest was made from the bottom of a tee shirt,mbut I made mine out of the bottom of a maxi dress. What I Did: I cut the bottom of the dress into a strip that was 9 1/2 inch wide and a little less then 2 […]

Felt Play Food

These are so fun to make and work great as a gift for a little sibling or cousin.  What You Need: – Colored Felt – Tacky Glue  – Needle and Thread – Sewing Machine To make a Pop Tart Cut 2 3 by 4 1/2 piece of cream felt. Cut a smaller piece of felt with […]

Baby Skirt Ideas

I’ve made these skirts for my cousins and they turned out so cute. I got the fabrics from Hobby Lobby This one is a basic skirt with ribbon around the bottom that I sewed both edges of it on. It takes a little longer but then it is more durable and won’t fold over when it gets washed. We made […]

Synged Tulle Flowers

These tulle flower are so cute and such a fun accessories to add to a bracelet, shirt, or what ever. They amazingly easy to make. :)                                                                                              What You Need:                                                                                      -Tulleing ( You can use orgonsa, too.)                                                                                      – Candle                                                                                      -Jewles or pearls to put in the center                                                                                      -Needle                                                                                      – Thread that matches your tulling […]