I really love granola bars and always have. Especially in these Jr. High days, I tend to go through a lot of them and always have them on hand (my locker, backpack, gym locker, violin case, etc.) Always hungry, always have food within reach. The only problem is that store-bought granola bars are not always […]


September is one of my favorite months. Why? Because its my birthday month. And birthdays are always fun. This year, as we were doing an activity in English I found out it was another girl in my class’ birthday on the same day as mine! So obviously I had to make her a cute, simple […]

This is officially my new favorite necklace! I love it so much! It’s classy and it matches with about anything. You can jazz up any outfit from a plain old to something amazing! And it was easy to make. (That’s always important.) A few months ago I saw similar ideas to this on Pinterest. The […]

¬†Any thing to help with the heat right now is amazing! Summer has just turned into the stay in the pool or the basement kinda days. And watermelon is very abundant. So this fits great and it is delishious! Watermelon is had to get just perfect, and even then if you dont hurry to eat […]

Every time I get invited to some ones birthday party I always have to go through this huge process of “what do I give them” and “is it personal” and ” Is it going to be one of my most amazing gifts ever?!?” And of course, ” will they even like it!” Eventually, after a […]

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner! We just had spring break and we even started going outside for gym! They have even started SBO elections for next year. It’s sad I have been workin on all our Easter decor and here’s one of my latest DIYs. What You Need: ~ Orange burlap […]

I’m so excited for valentines day! We are selling candy grams at school this week and its so fun to deliver them and know everyone’s gossip! ;) I have been crafting away to get ready for Valentines on Friday. I have tons of new ideas and printables! Here’s my latest piece of art that looks […]

I am finally finishing the decor in my bathroom. All I can say is I has been kind of an adventure. Me and my mom have completely different ideas on what we want to do and it’s been a slow process. Anyway, it’s finally coming together. We just put shelfs above the toilet and now […]