Welcome To The World Dandelion Duck

I have wanted to put this video on my blog since May when my duck eggs first started to hatch. There has been lots to learn having this blog. Everyday I learn a new computer/blog trick. I finally figured out how to insert video and I am so excited to share this video with all my friends and cousins. My mom says it makes her cry to watch that tiny little thing make it out alive. The duckling works so hard to get out of that shell.

So my family collected duck eggs, one each morning for 12 days. The mom, Skeeter, was not sitting on her eggs to keep them warm so we borrowed my uncles incubator and kept them in our house. We marked the days off on a calendar and at 28 days nothing had happened. On the 30th day my mom thought things were not going to work and that we might have to toss them out. That night the first egg pipped. From there it was crazy for two weeks. We had a duckling about everyday. On my brothers birthday two were born and he got to name them.

We collected the eggs in the morning and they all hatched in the morning. It was hard because we were at school for a lot of their hatchings. Next time we will put them in the incubator at 3 or 4pm so we will be home when they start to hatch.

Anyway, ducks are so fun to have. I hope you like the video.

And yes, “groovy glue” is now on YouTube

Oh, and here is a picture of Dandelion today, fully grown. Her mom is the gray duck on the left. It only takes 45 days to be fully grown.



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  1. That was cool! I like the ducks red and yellow feathers…Today my chick hatched on Rusty and Rosy Preschool! Just like this duck. He made the same sounds as your duck. ~Colton


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