This week was my little sisters birthday. She asked me to make her cake and I thought a Nutella cake would be perfect. She loves Nutella and I wanted to try it for myself. It turned out, surprisingly, really good. Just don’t look at the frosting, because I’m not very good at frosting cakes. I […]

Sorry about the lack of posting. My life has been so busy with the end of summer, the county fair (where I sold my sheep. I counted and I made a total of 11 trips to the fair with feeding Wooley, volunteering, the rodeo, it was crazy!) and school starting as a new seventh grader, […]

It’s really hard when you are craving s’mores but you don’t want to start a fire and get all smoke smelling. These are a great way to satisfy that craving and they are fast and easy! They are also a great party food! Instructions: First, crumble 3-4 graham crackers, I used my food processor to […]

I love glitter. I will just say that now. I was at my friends house and her mom said,”You guys are always talking about crazy new ideas, then someone always shouts”Lets add glitter!” It’s true. Everything’s better with glitter. I came up with this when I was making a magnets for a birthday gift. What […]

Look how fun đŸ‘‡these are. 4th of July rockets with a surprise inside. I saw these at a scrapbook store and made my own to give out to friends for the 4th of July. Here is what you need: 4 in x 6 in paper rectangle ( you can use bigger or smaller its pretty […]

I am so excited about these classes. Microsoft offers free classes at their stores during the summer for kids. You have to be between the ages of 8-13 and the store I talked to said it was ok to sign up for as many as you would like. I am taking the Game App class […]

The 4th of July is right around the corner! I had this glass bottle left over from some sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe’s and I had to find a use! You can also use this same method to tint glass jars. First I taped off where I wanted the colored area,then I mixed food coloring […]

We have had so much fun with this! We are only on our second day and we love it! I made this map (click on the image below to get it) and we taped it on our dashboard along with some colored pencils. Each time we see a license plate from another state we color […]