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Studio C

Every Monday night we can all be found watching the latest episodes of Studio C. It’s really the only tv we watch the whole week and we look forward to it. Each episodes is made up of several short clips. They are made by collage students at BYU. You can watch it on youtube, byu […]

Best Educational Apps For Kids Week 2

This weeks app review is Math Bingo. It is a great way to learn your math facts! It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is also a free app. ABC ya! is the maker and there is also a junior version and several other great apps too!

Best Educational Kids Apps Week 1

As a family, we have decided to get lots of educational apps for summer. Once a week for the next month I will be posting about one of our new favorite apps. These will all be kid friendly, educational, mostly free and have lots of high reviews. This is a game even my mom likes. […]


These are my new favorite things! I had to reach a big AR reading goal at school and listening to books counts. I can listen to them anywhere I go when reading just wouldn’t work. I have been listening to Percy Jackson for 2 days and I am more than half way through the book! […]

Breaded Mozzarella Bites

This is one of my new favorite things to make! No one was home when I made these and there wasn’t any for them when they came back. Yes, I ate them all. That’s how good they are. All the ingredients are basic and easy to get (there’s only 3!) And they aren’t a fried, greasy food. […]

Chocolate Mustache Suckers

My obsession of mustaches continues! My mom bought me a mustache sucker mold from a kitchen store. They are so funny and everywhere I take them they are such a hit! They would be so cute at a mustache birthday party! This is the mold: You can order the mold from Wilton here. I melted […]

Spring Wreath

I hope everyone is enjoying their last term of the school year! I’m looking forward to summer and the big move to junior high! I was bored over spring break so I made a wreath. I know, the averge sixth grader does not do that. I all ready had everything so it was easy to […]

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

I love a good cup of good chocolate milk. Only problem is, my mom never buys it! This makes the best chocolate milk, ice cream topping and you can dirizzle it on any dessert. Anyone can make this. It is so easy and cheap to make and it is much healthier than Hershey syrup. That stuff […]