Book Page Roses


I am finally finishing the decor in my bathroom. All I can say is I has been kind of an adventure. Me and my mom have completely different ideas on what we want to do and it’s been a slow process. Anyway, it’s finally coming together. We just put shelfs above the toilet and now I get I chose the decor that goes on them! ( Happiness!)
So, I had just ripped out all the pages from this book that I needed the cover for for another project. I am sitting there , looking at this pile of pages and I’m like “What could I do with these?”
moment of inspiration
So I made them and a cool vase and they are amazing.
What You Need:

~ book pages( I got mine from the DI)
~ hot glue gun
~ wire
~ circle cutter and or scissors


First, cut a 5 x 2.5 inch strip off one of the pages. Roll it up and tape it to make the base/stem to glue the pedals onto. Next, cut 5 small circles 5 medium circles, and 5 large circles.(3) Starting with the small ones, roll them so they are slightly curled (5). Fold over the edges (6). Scrunch the bottom and put a dabble of hot glue on the bottom and stick it on the stem (7). Keep going till you have used all the pedals. Wrap the wire around the end of stem and cut it to how ever long you want it. Make as many more as you want to make a bouquet.

P.S. I wrote most of this on my way back from skiing! :)

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