DIY Earring Tree


Sorry about the lack of posting. My life has been so busy with the end of summer, the county fair (where I sold my sheep. I counted and I made a total of 11 trips to the fair with feeding Wooley, volunteering, the rodeo, it was crazy!) and school starting as a new seventh grader, SBO stuff, it’s just been one thing after another! Anyways here and there (including late at night) I have been able to fit in some craft time. I have had such a hard time organizing my earrings and finding the best (and cutest) possibly way to store my earrings. I have tried tons of different methods and this has so far been the best solution!
I started with this templet I found here. I wanted mine bigger than half a piece of paper, so I cropped it in half and made it the size of a 8.5x 11 piece of paper and printed them out.

Then, I cut them out of cardboard and punched the holes. I put way more then on the template, because I have tons of earrings, but do as many as you like. Slide them together. I did put some hot glue on them so they would stay together better. Then paint it! Once it’s dry stick your earrings on it and there you have it!

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