Glitter Button Earrings


I love glitter. I will just say that now. I was at my friends house and her mom said,”You guys are always talking about crazy new ideas, then someone always shouts”Lets add glitter!” It’s true. Everything’s better with glitter. I came up with this when I was making a magnets for a birthday gift.
What you need:
Two of the same buttons
Nail polish and glitter the same color
Earring backs
{Note: If your buttons are already the same color as your glitter, you don’t have to paint them.}

Fold your paper in half. You will use it to put under where you are dumping the glitter, so you can poor it back into the container.
Paint your buttons with the nail polish. Make sure it’s a good, thick coat.


Put your paper under your button and pour the glitter over both sides of the button. Make sure it sticks really well.

Once it has dried, paint the whole button with clear nail polish, so the glitter will stay on. Glue on earring backs and you are done!



  1. So pretty! I love your nails, by the way.


    1. Thanks! I love the comments!


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