4th Of July Surprise Rockets

Look how fun đŸ‘‡these are. 4th of July rockets with a surprise inside.

I saw these at a scrapbook store and made my own to give out to friends for the 4th of July. Here is what you need:
4 in x 6 in paper rectangle ( you can use bigger or smaller its pretty flexible)
4 1/2 in circle cut in half for the tip of the rocket
4×4 Tissue paper double layered looked fuller than one single sheet
String to tie off tissue paper
Candy or taffy or little toys
Star tag to write a note on
Glue stick
Hot glue gun

First glue tissue paper to the top of the 4×6 paper.
Cut fringe from the top of the tissue paper down to the paper.
Roll paper up from the short side (4in) glue shut.
Roll the half circle around itself to make a cone and glue.
Hot glue around e tip of the rocket. The end without the tissue and then push it into the cone or rocket tip while the glue is still hot.
Fill with candy and tie up around the tissue.
These are the ones I made. They are all a bit different. I used paper that was scraps and some was bigger than 4×6. These were easy enough that even little kids can assemble them. I took the supplies babysitting and the kids loved making them. Let me know if you have other fun ideas for things to put inside.


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