Recycled 4th of July Vase


The 4th of July is right around the corner! I had this glass bottle left over from some sparkling lemonade from Trader Joe’s and I had to find a use! You can also use this same method to tint glass jars.

20130630-105000.jpg First I taped off where I wanted the colored area,then I mixed food coloring with Modge Podge and painted the top and bottom section of the bottle. (Hint: the more food coloring you add the darker the color. I added about 5-6 drops.)


20130630-105203.jpgI did two coats. I had to run a exacto knife along the edge of the tape when it was dry, because it would not just peel off like I expected. Then I cut out three stars out of vinyl and put them around the middle section. I painted over them with white acrylic paint.
When they were dry I peeled of the vinyl and spray painted the whole vase with clear gloss to seal the Modge Podge and make it water proof. Once it was dry I put these newspaper flowers in it. Get the tutorial here.

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