Best Educational Kids Apps Week 1


As a family, we have decided to get lots of educational apps for summer. Once a week for the next month I will be posting about one of our new favorite apps. These will all be kid friendly, educational, mostly free and have lots of high reviews.

This is a game even my mom likes. It is called Stack the States by Dan Russell-Pinson. It was a free app but you can buy the full version which is what we have, so there are some slight differences between the free and full version. State stacking is the main game but there are different games you earn along the way. Each family member has their own profile to track their progress.

My kindergarten brother knows his states so well from this. At dinner my sister mentioned a new kid in her class had just moved from New Jersey. My brother said ” New Jersey, that is below New York!” He has literally memorized the map. When my brother plays he uses a little map of the United States to help him answer questions.

When you answer a question correctly you earn that state and can rotate and move it around on a platform. You try to stack the states high enough to reach the bar. When your states have stacked tall enough you earn a new state to put on your USA Map.


This is great to help you memorize state locations and their capitals. I wish I had played this in 5th grade when I had to memorize my states and fill in a blank map for a test. Hope you have fun “stacking”!


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