These are my new favorite things! I had to reach a big AR reading goal at school and listening to books counts. I can listen to them anywhere I go when reading just wouldn’t work. I have been listening to Percy Jackson for 2 days and I am more than half way through the book! Percy Jackson is a pretty long book, so that impressive.

One of my friends found these at the library and showed them to me. They are little mp3 type players that have an audio book on each one. They actually have lots of popular books like the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and a bunch of others. You provide your own ear buds and that’s it, just plug em’ in and start listening. You can find me with my ear buds in mowing the lawn, walking to and from school, cleaning, exercising….all the things you normally can’t do while reading a book. They come in handy in situations like this and give you something good to listen to. It’s sad when I have to stop or pause after walking to school in the morning, just like when you have to put down a great book when it’s time for dinner.

Ask if they have them at your library the next time you are there! I know you’ll love them as much as I do!


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  1. Emily · · Reply

    Your welcome! ;)


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