Mail In A Bottle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am so excited about this! I can’t believe it really worked!  Mail in a bottle…. It was amazingly easy and so fun. It looked like one of those bottles you see in movies that wash up on the shore with a secret pirate treasure map inside. This would be fun to mail to a friend or a cousin on their birthday.

One of my cousins broke her collar bone and her favorite food is my families homemade apricot fruit leather so I sent her some to help it heal. I used a plastic vanilla extract bottle my mom was going to toss out. It was clear and you could see the contents inside. I just dropped in a note and pushed a few rolls of fruit leather in through the top. I put a dap of glue around the lid just to be sure it didn’t come open.

I asked lots of questions when I took my bottle to the post office. I mailed it first class and anything under 13 ounces can be shipped first class shipping. The size does not really matter. Anything under 13 ounces and it can’t go over 108″inches around. It does not need to be in a box or an envelope.  It cost me $2.24 and my cousin, who lives in my same state, got it the next day. You do not need to go to the post office to mail things like this. Because it is first class you can treat it like a letter and put regular stamps on it at home. You would probably pay more because stamps are worth 46 cents and you would want to round up to make sure you had enough postage.

I am going to try mailing all kinds of weird things now that I know what the rule is. I heard you can mail flip flops. You just run tape around the two of them, strap sides against each other, and write the address on the bottom of one of the shoes with a sharpie.

Stay tuned this week and I will show you what I else I mailed to some of my friends.


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