In-N-Out Secret Scriptures!

The other day someone(that someone was Fran) was telling me that In-N-Out had scriptures on their containers and a secret menu. Rumor confirmed! They do have scriptures on their fry,burger, milk shake, and drink containers. I think it’s cool that they were willing advertise their religion like that! I mean would you do that?

The secret menu real, too. The secret menu is actually called the “Not-So-Secret Menu” and they have it right on their website! Who would eat the Protein Style? I mean wouldn’t a burger wrapped is lettuce be messy!? photo

Forever 21 also has a scripture on the bottom of there bags:

What’s next, Trader Joe’s?



  1. My mom only eats it protein style at home!


  2. Wow, I had no idea Forever 21 had that! Very interesting! I have actually had “sandwiches” wrapped in lettuce! It’s really good! Sometimes buns are too thick, so the lettuce wrap is nice.


  3. That’s so cool!


  4. too cool conley :)


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