Magic Purple Paper


I showed you how to make magic cabbage juice in this post. This magic paper is something we did with our leftover cabbage juice the next day. Remember how cabbage has a special pigment called anthocyanin that changes color when an acid or base is mixed in with it. Well I soaked acid free, white scrapbook paper in the magic cabbage juice. I let the paper dry and then painted on the paper with a paint brush dipped in all different kinds of liquids. Some of the liquids were acids like lemon juice, some bases like soap. The paint brush strokes showed up or made other colors as the reaction happened with the cabbage juice. That is where the magic happens. It really is magic to see clear lemon juice turn the paper red as it gets painted on.

You can also make your own pH test strips out of this paper. PH test strips are used in laboratories and hospitals to test the ph of body fluids. These homemade strips probably aren’t as accurate but they do work as far as changing color according to the same scale. Red shows up in acids, green shows up when dipped in bases. To make some just cut strips of the purple (mine was kind of blue/purple) and then you can dip them in all kinds of stuff to test the pH scale around your house.
Below is a picture showing how I soaked the paper on a cookie sheet. The next picture is the paper after it was painted on with a few different liquids.




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  1. Ok. Yoiu are doing my science project! Just kidding! I love you!


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