Bobbie Pin Keeper

My cousin Katie slept over the other day and gave me this idea. I am always looking around, more like digging around, in drawers looking for a bobby pin. I love this bobby pin holder because it was free. You recycle a brown cardboard toilet paper tube. You glue a piece of fun scrapbook paper to the outside. Glue or use double sided tape around all edges so it holds well and so there are no pockets for bobby pins to fall through.

I used the bottom few inches to squeeze on some hair bands and elastics. This is cute enough to put on your bathroom counter, but small enough to fit into a drawer. I am going to make more of these for sure now that I am painting lots of bobby pins. Hope you like this easy recycled organizer.


One comment

  1. I also have a magnetic strip on the side of my drawer to keep my bobby pins. Why don’t i have any then? I guess I’m just too lazy to put them on it when I take them out of my hair.


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