Blinged Bobby Pins


I LOVE doing my hair! I always use tons of bobby pins so this was really fun for me!They look so cute in your hair and give it such a spunky look!
1. Get plain bobby pins and slide them onto an empty toilet paper roll.

2. Pick what ever nail polish you want to use to paint the bobby pin. Then paint. I did all mine different colors. I did some striped, too.



Let them dry overnight and have fun using them in your hair! :) Look for my next post that coordinates with this one!



  1. What a great idea! I always wear bobby pins in my hair. I’m definitely going to “jazz” mine up!


  2. Hey… I love these, but I’m to lazy to get off my butt and make them. (no, I’m not on facebook thank you very much.) So… will you make some for me? Remember, I’m your favorite cousin!


    1. Maybe for your birthday;)


      1. I tried these the too cool ! i would never think of that! conley


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