Will it Blend?

A 9 year old boy in my neighborhood was at my house, walked in my kitchen and start freaking out when he saw I had a Blendtec blender! He started telling us about all the crazy things he had seen on youtube that they blended up in Blendtecs. He was so excited about it that my mom let him use it with water. He was scared to turn it on. :) I have never seen someone so excited about a blender in my life! He showed me these videos below and I thought they were awesome. I had to share them! I now feel really confident in what my moms blender can do! But my mom is scared we are going to try something crazy.
Blendtec is sponsoring the making of these videos. The best ones are when they blend a Justin Bieber doll, Glow sticks, Bic lighters, an iPad(they do lots of Apple Products),iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy s3, and a Skeleton. Watch some of their videos below for a good laugh:


One comment

  1. I just watched Justin get… destroyed! I think I’m gonna cry!


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