Bubble Hut=Fan+Sheet


I found this on Pinterest and had to try it! All you need to make a bubble hut is a window, box fan, a sheet and a clip or clothespin. I used the bottom fitted sheet because the weight of the elastic helps keep it down. A table cloth or any large piece of light weight fabric will work.
This is the perfect thing for cold snowy winter days! I made one when all my cousins were sleeping over and they loved it! (That’s who’s in the pictures. Aren’t they cute!)

First, I zip tied the fan to a chair to secure it. Do what ever you need to make sure it won’t tip.
You have to secure the sheet to the fan, so I clipped it to the handle and stretched it around the bottom of the fan to make sure the air didn’t escape.

20121228-153748.jpgTurn it on to the highest setting and watch it blow up to make your bubble! Have fun! :) :)




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