Paper Snowballs

This idea started because of an accident. My mom bought this huge box of snow cone cups, or at least she thought they were. She got them out for me before a swim party I was having in our backyard, the cups were tiny. They were the kind of paper cone cups hooked on water coolers at places like doctors offices and in waiting rooms. They weren’t going to work for snow cones. I was carrying them back into the house when half of them fell out onto the ground. My mom picked them up and put them in a grocery sack. She told me to put them in the craft room, “maybe you can make something with them”. And I did, the next day! Look how cool-

Two of the snowballs have been hanging in a window, tied from a curtain rod in our craft/sewing room since July. My mom took one down and used it for a centerpiece the other day.
Here is how I did it.

You will need 32-33 paper cone cups, and a hot glue gun. Cone cups are available at OfficeMax 200 for $5.99. You can make at least 6 out of a box. So about a dollar a snowball to make.
First, glue cups together in sets of three.

Once you have 10 sets of three start glue those together.

Just make sure you fit them together tight and line up the rim of the cups so they are even. It goes together fast. You dab glue here and there to pull cups together tight up at the front. You might need a single cup to poke in if you have a gap. Once I used 33 cups but the other times it was 32 total.
Here is as couple more ideas:




This one is hanging from the ceiling.


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