Button ornaments


Buttons are so classy! They make the cutest ornaments! Here are my ideas:
For the snowman you will need a pipe cleaner, 7 small, 4 medium, and 1 large white, 4 small and 1 medium black buttons.
Bend the pie cleaner in half with a loop at the top like this:

Thread the bottoms onto the pipe cleaner putting each side of the pipe cleaner down threw a button hole. Once you have your snowman built onto the pipe cleaner, twist the bottom two ends of the pipe cleaner together very tight against the bottom button. Next, twist the top loop against the top button keeping the loop shape. You will hang the ornament from the tree with the loop so you only want to twist once or twice to keep the loop a good size.
I tied a red and green ribbon around the neck so it looked like a scarf. You can play around with the buttons you already have and build different shaped snowman. White buttons are easy to come by and pretty cheap at the fabric store if you buy them in a bag of assorted sizes. I cut buttons off of my dads old dress shirts and save.
Here is my second button ornament. A wreath:

This wreath took 92 buttons, 8 inches of wire or a pipe cleaner and some ribbon or star wire to decorate and hang the wreath with. You can make smaller ones but I wouldn’t go any bigger than 6 inches (add on 2 inches more to twist and end off).
If you have any other button ornament ideas let me know. I would love to make some others.

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