Olive Oil Dries Nails Faster!


I love doing my nails! They are different almost every week and I have so much polish! My only problem is that they always get smudged! This was the best solution to get them to try faster. It’s great for when you are adding layers or details with a brush on top of a base coat. You can’t start the next layer until the first coat is dry. This speeds things up.

All you need is olive oil in a bowl and a paper towel. I keep oil in my bathroom in a small container with my nail polish so I always have it ready when I am painting my nails.
Paint you nails like you normally would and dip the nails in the oil for 10 seconds. Pull them out and set them on the paper towel to dry for a minutes. Wash off the oil under warm water and pat dry and you are done! I guess it is moisturizing you fingers at the same time.

This oil trick doesn’t dry the paint super hard. It just dries the top layer so you can’t start adding more on top.


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