Hot Glue Snowman Ornament

Every week until Christmas I will be posting different Christmas Tree ornament ideas! Be sure to check back regularly to see the newest pattern!
This is one of those uses for hot glue that isn’t glueing. These were so easy to make and are so fun hanging on our tree. The light shines through them.

The first snowman I made was just the head. I used a silpat on a cookie sheet. You could use waxed paper too. I didn’t have a pattern I just squeezed hot glue out into a circle shape. While the glue was still warm I poked in eyes, a heart button nose and black beads for a mouth. After the whole things was dry, a few minutes, I used a fork to poke a hole and threaded an metal ornament hanger through the glue. I tried ribbon glued on the back but I didn’t like how you could see it through the glue.
The snowmen below was made with a pattern I got here. I slipped the pattern under the silpat and could see through well enough to glue over the outline. I used toothpicks for stick arms and a nose.

I am going to try snowflakes with this same method. I think you could sprinkle glitter on the warm glue and make awesome shimmery snowflake ornaments.


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