Waxed Leaves

My friend and I made these awhile back and they still look nice. You dip colorful fall leaves in warm liquid wax. The wax preserves the leaves so they don’t dry out and loose their color.

The hot wax can burn so you shouldn’t make these without a parent helping. Also, plan to dip outside on the lawn. My mom kind of got after us because we started making a mess in the kitchen. We moved our leaf dipping outside in the backyard and that way we didn’t have to worry about every drop of wax getting on the cupboard and stove.

Here are the supplies needed:
-fall leaves the fresher the better
-paraffin wax
-throw away foil pan
-wax paper

Wash and dry your leaves or at least brush off any dirt or stuff that will look bad in the wax. Next, warm the wax up on low heat in the foil pan. The wax is sold at craft stores in the candle section or at grocery stores in the canning section. Put down lots of newspaper to catch drips and then a piece of wax paper to lay the leaves on as they are dipped.
We played around with the leaves while the wax was still warm. We shaped them around our fingers and made rings in this picture:

These are pear leaves tied together with raffia. I might take some to thanksgiving dinner to decorate the table.

This leaf has a name written on it with a sharpie. You can write on the leaves before you dip them.



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