Sprinkle Art In Your Sink


The other day I had a friend over. It was end of term so we had the whole day off from school to do whatever our imaginations could come up with. We started by looking at dessert recipes on pinterest. We had way too much fun in the kitchen making desserts and experimenting with different things.

To get to the point we ended up shaking sprinkles over the kitchen sink and we came on to a great boredom buster. If the sink is wet the sprinkles bleed in cool patterns. It was fun to experiment with pouring water around the edges and taking pictures as the color ran and mixed together. We stopped before using the whole container of sprinkles. It really didn’t take a lot. Just a few shakes spread all over.
Here’s the sprinkles I used. They were the small little beady kind. This would be an awesome thing to try on one of those days when you can’t think of anything to do. The best part is printing out the pictures. They look really cool.


I am going to try sprinkles and Elmer glue on paper next. After all I am groovyglue!
Here is the cookie batter creation that got us started on sprinkle art. And yes, it is raw brownie batter topped with cookie dough, then sprinkled to perfection! Umm umm good!




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