Halloween Candy Bark and Thanksgiving Count Down

Stop! Don’t eat anymore Halloween candy until you read this post.
I am going to take a guess. You have pockets full of candy wrappers, a stomach ache and your mom keeps getting after you to stop eating your Halloween candy so fast…”make it last all month”! Well I have some good ideas for you.
First, Thanksgiving is coming up. Here’s my count down

You just lay out a long strip of Plastic Wrap the full lengthen of your kitchen table. Lay candy down the middle. Bring both sides of the plastic wrap to the center to seal all the candy in. Tie curling ribbon between each candy. We hung our candy count downs from a snoopy thanksgiving picture that has the date of thanksgiving across the top.
Idea #2
Candy bark
This was so easy and everyone loved it at a family party this weekend. It looks awesome. I melted 1/2 cup of Nestlé semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave on half power for 30 seconds. I spread the melted chocolate over half of a silpat that was in a cookie sheet. You could line the cookie sheet with wax paper or plastic wrap if you don’t have a silpat.

Next sprinkle the chocolate with chopped up halloween candy. I would use m&m’s for sure because they added all the color. Then I used 2 each of snickers, kit kats, Reese’s cups, and Milky Way. Push the candy down into the melted chocolate with the back of a clean spatula to help the candy stick to the wet chocolate really good. Let cool and the lift and break into 2 in pieces. It is like toffee, thin sheets broken in random sizes. It was so yummy and sure easy for kids to make.


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