Sticky Dot Art

We have the best art teacher at our school. She comes around to our class once a week with her “Art Cart”. I looooove when I see that cart roll into our room. The other day we made the dot art above. The circle one is mine and the rainbow is my sisters. I think that this would be fun for a “dot” birthday party or to make with kids on a rainy day babysitting. If you buy a large pack you could decorate cups, signs and make party decorations out of them. Then you could read the books and let the party guests make the art project.

To start you need those sticky color coding dots sold at office stores (to be exact) They come in different sizes and are sold in packs of about 1000 for $8. I have seen dot stickers at grocery stores before in neon colors. You can cut them in half, overlap them, anything!!!! It was easy to ake a full sheet and just cut straight down the center of each row to make half circles. You could go one step further and cut into quarters which would give you tiny pointed pieces.

We had a great time creating. Someone made a dragon, I saw a truck and a coke can and lots of animals. It seemed like older kids did more abstract pictures. It was just amazing to see how many ways kids could come up with to use those dots.

Our art teacher read us The Dot book before we started. It is a story about a girl who feels she is not artistic and can’t paint anything. Her teacher tells her, “Just make a mark and see where it takes you”. The student takes a jab at the paper and leaves a dot marking the beginning of something great. You can get The Dot Book here.

My little brother checked out the book “Press Here” from the library awhile back and it goes perfect with this art project too. It is fun because you interact with the dots on the page. You start by touching one dot and then when you turn the page things happen through dot pictures. It all starts with a dot, so go get started making your mark.
Happy Creating!




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  1. Coolio! I’m gettin’ them for the baby-sitting kit!!!!


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