Happy Birthday To…..Me!


I wanted to make my own birthday cake this year, so I got on Pinterest, like every person would, to get some ideas. I saw this and thought it was so cute and it looked pretty simple to make. So I tried it.
To make it, all you have to do is bake a 9 in round cake, frost it with chocolate frosting, cover the edges in Kit Kat’s (it took about 1 10.78 oz bag of the snack sized which had 21 bars you may need more depending on the size of the cake) and sprinkle M&M’s all over the top. You could do a double layer cake and use big full size Kit Kat’s to cover the taller cake. I kept mine small. It was a lot of chocolate to eat with just a single layer.
It’s way easy! Try it! It might be fun to make with all of your trick-or-treat candy next month.

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