Washer Necklaces

I have been making lots of things with these washers lately. My dad had a whole bin in the garage and he said they were super cheap and that I could use all I wanted. You can buy them at any hardware store. My dad buys them in a box for a few cents each at a store called Nut and Bolt.
Here is my first version.
What You Need:
Metal Washers
Aleene’s Jewelry Gel or Glassy Accent (found on glue aisle at micheals)
Cute paper
Hemp cord
Glue stick
Optional-sequence, tiny jewels

Cut the paper the size of your washer. I left the I inside circle slightly big and pushed my finger into the center hole so the paper went down in and hid the cut edge.

Take a glue stick and glue the paper to the washer. Let dry a few minutes and then add your jewelry gel. It is pretty thick and stays well without dripping. I added sparkles or tiny jewels to the wet gel and they sink down to the bottom nice or you could leave plain. Let the gel dry 24 hours. Pop any bubbles with a needle within the first 30 min.

Make into a necklace by looping the cording through like this.





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