Brigham City Temple Necklaces

Temple necklaces! These are so cute! You can make one out of any picture but the one I made is the Brigham City Temple. When you go to the temple open house (which i thoroughly enjoyed) they give you refreshments (yes…cookies!) and water bottles that have a picture of the temple. We had been making Glass Tile Necklaces all week and when my sister and I saw the little picture on the water bottle we thought they’d be perfect to turn into a necklace.

To make them all you have to do is cut out the the temple picture from the water bottle label and follow the instruction on my Glass Tile Necklace tutorial. I used oval tiles that I got in a box of ten for $3.50. The Brigham City Temple was decorated with the peach theme. There are peach trees planted outside, peach blossom stained glass windows and peach blossoms engraved on lights, doors and the carpet. To go with the theme of the new temple we found these peach blossom charms to add to the top at Bennion Crafts in kaysville for 25 cents each. They make such a cute addition! I put a jump ring on the blossom and hooked it onto the necklace loop where the chain goes threw. My brother made a temple magnet for our fridge by glueing a round magnet to the back instead of the necklace loop.

Check out this post for a link to a fun fact sheet I put together for the Brigham City Temple
If you make them or have other ideas let me know. Here’s the info about the temple open house



  1. Luaren!!!! I love mine!!! Thanks for making it!!!!!


  2. Wore it to school today with my temple shirt


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