Glass Tile Necklaces


These necklaces are so cute and cheap to make.
What You Need:
– glass tiles
Found in the jewlery dept. at craft stores. A pack of 16 was $5. They sell different shapes and sizes
– silver necklace loops with a flat back for glueing
– Modge Podge Or decoupage
– cute scrapbook paper
– stickers or letters (optional)
– optional, tiny sparkle jewels to put on the front of the glass

Trace the tile on the paper.

You want the paper to be a tad bit smaller than the actual tile, but if it’s too small you’ll be able to see the blank spots around the edges through the glass. You can make it so when it flips over it has a print on the other side by using two sided scrapbook paper or glue two pieces of the same paper back to back like I did on this cherry necklace.

Using a paint brush, modge Podge a thin layer on the right side of the paper and stick it on to the tile. Modge Podge the back side after you have it in place. I modge podged the glass first on one of mine and I think it looks smoother to paint the paper and then put it on the tile. Either way will work.

Let it dry a few hours. Use E-6000, or a hot glue gun to glue the necklace loop to the tile. Let that dry and you have a new necklace! You can add tiny jewels to the front by dipping a toothpick in super glue, touching the toothpick to the spot you want the jewel, and then gently place the jewel on top of the glue dot.
I am using a nice silver chain that I already have and will swap out my different tiles. I tied green hemp cord on one of the necklaces for my sister. I am going to use some alphabet stickers to make a monogrammed tile with my initial.


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