Coat Hanger Bow and Arrow

These bow and arrows really work. I made them with a group of 5th and 6th graders at 4-H camp. The boys and girls both liked them. I took the stuff and helped little girls make them at a neighborhood Indian/teepee party. The little girls used their bows to shoot down stuffed animals off of a fence. It was a fun activity that kept everyone shooting for along time. These would be fun to take babysitting to keep kids entertained. Most of the supplies are easy to come by.


(I have no ideas who this person is)
You will need:
Plastic clothes hangers with little hook things in the middle, colored hangers look the best

Rubber bands (fatter bands work best, #64 is what was on the bag I used)

Bamboo ($3 a pack @ Walmart in garden center) you could use sticks from your yard too
Bamboo works good because it is light weight but strong

Optional decorations:
Colored tape to make stripes
Pom-poms for the tips of arrows


You stretch the elastic over the two hooks on the hanger. Decorate with tape to make stripes.I double knotted beads to a string and then tied the string to the hanger. Pom-pom’s on the tip of the arrow make it look cute but are not needed. I used hot glue to put the Pom-pom’s on mine. To use the bow and arrow put the end of the arrow on one side of the rubberband and pull back a few inches keeping the front of the arrow up and straight. It takes a minute to figure out. The white hanger in the picture above has small support pieces that make it stronger. The blue hanger has hooks and worked but was not as strong as the white hanger.

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  1. Lori Torgersen · · Reply

    I made this at JYC.


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