Letter Boxing


Letter boxing is so cool! It’s like a mini treasure hunt. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. You have got to try it!

You get online at letterboxing.org/america.htm and pick your state. Then you find a city near you that has a hidden letterbox. You print out the clues and then go searching. It helps to see if it is active, or when the last update was. I have checked before going on vacation to see if there was a letterbox we could find while traveling. It is fun to explore a new park far away.

There is a public walking trail behind (east of) Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. This letterboxer has two boxes hidden along the path. People from all of the world have signed the log book since it was placed in 2008. It was fun to read who had visited these two letter boxes while on vacation.

The box is a Rubbermaid container or sometimes a sandwich keeper. The ones behind Lagoon were super nice, heavy duty plastic with latching lids. I am using a wonder bread sandwich box from the grocery store to hide mine. You make a stamp to put in the box. You also put a log book so visitors can sign it and add their stamp.

When you go letterboxing you bring your own markers to ink the stamp. You also bring a notepad to add the stamp you find to your collection. Most people make their own stamps. There are simple stamp making instructions on the letter boxing website. Some people have store bought crafty type stamps. I am just signing log books with my name and city because I have not finished my stamp yet.
Here are some pictures so you see what it is like. This person did a really fancy job on their stamp and made a felt pouch to put it in.




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  1. Frannie Simpson · · Reply

    Omgosh I want to do this!!!!!!!!


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