Dress into skirt

Beginner sewing project

I love recycling clothes. The fancy term is “refashioning”. I think that this is a great project for girls who are just learning to sew. It is cheap and fast. Your mom might even have old dresses in her closet that you could cut the tops off and make skirts for free. Well…I guess you would have to buy the elastic.

I bought these dresses for $3 each at a second hand store.
I cut the top off right at the high waist line.
Surged the top, folded over 1 in. and sew a casing for the elastic.
You can fold over twice if you don’t have a serger.
Make sure to leave a spot unsewn to thread the elastic threw.
Measure elastic to fit your waist. I used 3/4 inch.
Safety pin the elastic at an end and then use the safety pin to scrunch your way around the casing you just made.
Sew elastic together and then sew the skirt casing the last inch to finish.

I used the straps and other leftover pieces of fabric to make hair bands and clips to match.



One comment

  1. lori torgersen · · Reply

    That is a really cute idea!!!


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