4-H JYC (junior youth conference ) was this week and was so fun. If you have never heard of 4-H you should check out their web site. Utah’s 4-H program is awesome. We drove with some boys from our county to Snow Collage in Ephram, Utah. The theme this year was olympic sports. We played games, danced, watched a movie and did lots of other cool stuff . We had a giant water fight on the football field that was like the highlight of the whole camp. You have to be in 5th or 6th grade to go.There are teen leaders for each group of 12 kids and the teen leaders are in high school kids. This is the link to the 4-h website.http://utah4h.org/htm/events-registration/junior-youth-conference
To all my new 4-H friends….check back and I will post more pictures next week.





  1. lori torgersen · · Reply

    i see you dancing with “Dudley”!!!


  2. aubree jensen · · Reply

    this is aubree do you have any other pictures?????


    1. Yea. I’ll put them on.


    2. lori torgersen · · Reply

      It is you Aubree!!!! ya do have any other pictures???


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