July 13th Cow Appreciation Day

Plan ahead or write it on your mom’s calendar….free chick-fil-a all day Friday July 13th
We ABSOLUTELY love Cow Appreciation Day! We look forward to it every year and we have tons of fun dressing up with all of our cousins. My cousin even dressed her puppy like a cow one year. This is the link for the instructions. A full cow outfit gets you any combo meal on the menu. A cow mask or partial costume gets you a sandwich. There are even masks to print right from chick-fil-a’s web site. Super easy. We save our stuff and use it over again each year.


P.S. Yes, I dress head to hoof. I am not missing out on the fries and drink. And no ,it is not too embarrassing. The whole restaurant is full of cows.



  1. I am SOOOOO excited to do this this year! It’s gonna be awesome!!!!


  2. Madison Meads · · Reply

    That’s awesome!!


  3. Its on Friday the 13! The 3rd this year!


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