Granny’s Like Foam Stickers too.

So were cruise’n down the freeway just ordinary conversation, and my mom yells: ” Oh my gosh! Look at that car.”

We all turn and look out the window to see the car passing us.

And here’s what we saw:

A car Modge Podged with comic strips. I tried to get a picture, but the camera was on a weird setting.

Then, about 5 min. later my Mom shouts,

“Oh my gosh! Look at the car next to us it’s covered in stickers.”

Then we realise that they’re those foam stickers that you used in kindergarten for art. We pass the car realize that it’s an old granny driving it . Then we get farther ahead of it and see the license plates are hand colored with Sharpies. Laugh Out Loud!! Then my mom says,”I hope her grandkids did that, not her.” Anyways, when did foam stickers become car decals?

Just so you know this all happened on the same day. I have to admit it was one crazy day on the freeway.



  1. Madison Meads · · Reply

    I would love to decorate a car but I can’t :( Thanks for giving me the little card on the last day of school! I’m going to take these ideas and do them going to be a fan FOREVER!!!


    1. Madison Meads · · Reply

      Ya I was!! And just to let you know I spell it Madi but I don’t care how people spell it!! LoL!!


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